However, there are many tools available for Windows Desktop. To help guide you through your search for the best free tools available for Windows, we are providing you with the best desktop tools and they are free on our website. I submitted reviews, tested them through hundreds of websites, and encouraged ordinary Windows users and colleagues to see if they really reached out to Windows users on business days and in their lives. Helps to work faster and more efficiently.

The following is a list of desktop tools.

  • Facetune 2

Fashion 2 is an iOS or Android app that touches your selfies by whitening your teeth, rolling your eyes, and eliminating imperfections. Take a photo with the app camera now to start editing selfies, or you can upload a previously captured selfie.

  • iA Writer

If you get distracted while trying to write, check out the IA Author. This tool is designed to help you stay focused, whether you’re writing blog posts, meeting notes, outlines, podcast show notes, tweets, Facebook posts, text or more.

  • Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Note helps you to take, copy and recreate audio notes. Whether you’re on a desktop computer or iOS or Android device, Otter Voice Note can record audio simultaneously or copy pre-recorded audio and video files.

  • Videoshop

Video Shop is a free stand-alone video recorder and editor for iOS or Android. Because the app enables you to record and edit videos in one place, you don’t have to use many different apps to create your own video.

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