The operating system is the most important software for a computer. Here you will find a free operating system for PC. All types of operating systems are available for free. The operating system manages the computer’s memory and processes, and performance, as well as all its software and hardware. This allows you to communicate with computers and learn how to speak computer language. Without an operating system, the computer is useless.

Looking for the operating system here is the list below to find your best operating system.

  • Peppermint OS

This is one of the distributions of Linux based on Ubuntu. It is lightweight and can be easily found on your desktop, laptop, or notebook.

  • Kubuntu

The worldwide community included translators, supporters, testers, and developers work together to build such an operating system which can deliver user-friendly behavior. And they make.

  • Q4OS

This is the Debian-based operating system, which is very much popular with the users. The engineers worked hard to built Q4OS, and they focused on the security system, speed, reliability, and long-term stability.

  • RoboLinux

The Deborah-based operating system RoboLink is the best Linux destruct for your desktop. This can be a great migration program for both Soho and Enterprise Linux.

  • Solus

You may find so many Linux distributions, but we are sure it is tough to find like Solus. It comes with a complete fresh core. Almost everything is included in Solus.